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Our Mission

We are uniting the world one person at a time and at the same time feeding the homeless . The DJ Cisco Radio Network LLC is currently touring the nation with the Project Unity showcase. Our goal is to unite people from all walks of life through music. We have a showcase for artist of any genre to enter. Everyone that enters automatically receives free airplay and a live on air telephone interview on our fully licensed radio station. The Grand Prize winner receives a distribution deal, unlimited promo, their own web page, free admission to all of the other showcases and much more. A portion of the proceeds from each showcase will go to feeding the homeless in the town or city the showcase is held. 

Indie Artist this is a no brainer and a great cause


2020 Tour Dates and Cities

(718) 915 - 0349

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Jonesboro Georgia - April 25th

Project Unity 2017 Scranton PA Winner
"Flamez Da Prince"
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