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Will You Change For Love - Jimmy Jang
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We Rock - Jimmy Jang
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Jimmy Jang – Biography


Jimmy Jang original from Taiwan a small Pacific island who like to played a pair of Chopsticks hitting the dishes, bowls, glasses and table top at the dinner and as a little drummer in school’s matching band; ever since music plays important parts of his life. The genres of his music are Rock N Roll, Contemporary and Love songs.


A merchant marine officer that he had opportunely to travels more than 50 countries encountered with different cultures, people and music. After moved to United States, his Eastern culture background crushed with Western culture at first, like the Fire meet with Ice than it merged into steaming power; especially when he observed the man made pollutions and all the wastes been dumping or buried to the landfills etc..


He is searching the answers how to find the ways to raise the awareness of the people, the visions came from inner heart and he found LOVE is the answer for everything. Three poisons of our Soul were Greed, Anger and Ignorance; who he believed every live being has a Soul.

These motivations him writing songs and hoping the music could communicate with people treat our life, our Mother Earth in the same time giving our next generations a better place to live.


In the end of year of 2018 he is planning to release a CD that will contains both ”Love Is” and “Love is the Power” into one CD with reversion of vocal and try to send out those message, furthermore wish people find Love and Happiness in this life.


True Souls have no color, culture, race or religion. We are all one.

Suffering is created by Hatred and Ignorance. The CURE is LOVE!

All external realities are a reflection of your mind.

Greed will cause you to step on others for egocentric gains.

-Quotes from Jimmy Jang