Flamez Da Prince 
Calle - Flamez Da Prince ft. Versatil

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"Royalties From Da Hood"


Ricardo Martinez also known as “Flamez Da Prince” was Born on October 6, 1986 In Brooklyn, New York, youngest of five brothers and raised by a single mother. From the struggles of having no father figure around, to being homeless at a young age, Flamez Da Prince found peace in music. But it wasn’t until he was 11, when the Notorious Biggie album Life After Death came out, that Flamez Da Prince was introduced to the world of not just music, but art.

Five years later, his love for music still flowing through his veins, Flamez Da Prince met Albert, JB, Akademix, Vinny and Cali, who were already recording and avid song writers. Their friendship and love for music lead them to create AKA Music. With performances in New York and Pennsylvania, the adrenaline, excitement, and the energy received left Flamez Da Prince yearning for more. In 2007, Flamez Da Prince met Dennis, who is currently his manager and the owner of Cypress Soundz. Call it fate or luck, but a young, new era Hip-Hop, R&B, bilingual singer, rapper and songwriter was about to be born. With Dennis’s guidance and his hunger to succeed in the music industry, Flamez Da Prince continues to perform and push forward.

With his ambition taking the driver’s seat, Flamez Da Prince releases his Ten Toes Challenge in December 2016. With over 2,000 views, Flamez Da Prince knew it was time to show the world what he was capable of and begins preparing his first mixtape. After months of countless hours and days recording, perfecting and living the saying “There is no struggle without success” Flamez Da Prince first mixtape entitled Royalties From The Hood is set to be released on May 6, 2017.