Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel

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Don Romeo-Machiavelli Noel born on June 15,1994, is an American Rapper, Singer, Song writer and Producer.

His debut Album Rckstr generated over 24,546 streams shortly after it’s release on the major platforms. Under his belt are his 2020 “DND Da Monster” and “”Gon/Killua”  released in 2021, both under the DLD Entertainment LLC umbrella.

Romeo was born in Brooklyn NYC and raised in Flatbush. Moving around from state to state as a young’un, he learned the come up from watching his parents work hard. He adopted their work ethic and made it his own.

Romeo is a hard-working individual carving out a spot for himself and his music. He is hoping to be seen as an up-and-coming artist to be reckoned with.