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"Soft Music At Midnight"

Poet DannyQueen/Yvette Benjamin


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"Do It For The Children"

Poet DannyQueen/Freedome Nsoroma El

I am Freedome Nsoroma El, aka Yolanda Lee. My personal
style is ethnic soul. I dress in a way that reflects my cultural
heritage and expresses my individual creativity. My musical
style is world music with a jazz feel, which means the songs I
sing come from a variety of genres, yet they all are set and
arranged in an improvisational jazz style that is exciting and
fresh. My music is what we’ve all been waiting for. I know it is
healing and enlivening. Some say it’s life changing. I’ll let you
be the judge. My band consists of five people bass, keyboard,
drums/percussion, solo instrumentalist (plays kalimba, cora,
guitar and some horns) and me.