"Cosmic Legaci"

I am a hip hop artist from Edenton, North Carolina who represents the hip hop artform to the fullest!!  I make hip hop music with positive messages so that younger and older people can listen to at all times.  I've been emceein' for several years.  I have performed in numerous venues in different states which includes California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina (Project Blowed, Martini Lounge, Epicure Cafe, Berkeley Cafe, Fuzzy Ducks, Gate City Noise (music store), The Pourhouse as well as many others).  I am affiliated with several groups which include Universal Entities, Sadie Hawkins Music, The Rogue Squadron Hangar Bay, and The DJ Cisco Network.  Some of my influences are Rakim, Krs-One, Mc Lyte, Gza, Buckshot, Slick Rick, Public Enemy, Organized Konfusion, Boot Camp Clik, Wu Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Four Horsemen, Planet Asia, Andre 3000, and numerous others.