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Birdie Shakur is the hottest rap sensation coming out of Harlem, New York.  Birdie, with his raspy but smooth delivery has an unique outlook on real life, with a more realistic  approach on having fun, while descriptive tales of the streets of NYC.  Birdie Shakur has a wonderful live show, and a few original videos.  Look out for the newest hip hop trend to hit a city near you soon.
Birdie Randone aka Birdie Ruffin aka Birdie Shakur aka Birdie Fontaine Deeply rooted down south on the east side of GA and also the Westside of Detroit.Now back in the Big Apple Harlem to be exact coming with nothing but real no watered down bars Birdie’s major influences growing up was Nas,Kool G Rap,Wu Tang Clan,and a few other artist.Promising nothing but reality and substance with all of his material not catering to just one genre. With production from The Mighty Network and other producers Birdie has a familiar but unique style his first major project soon to come is “Birds Eye View” which drops late fall 2018 with other members down south also Bird’s Eye view also features Domma from The Outfit and Oun-P Birdie’s love for the art form over powers his want to become famous he does it all for the love of the culture