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4th Dimension"ATARAXIS"
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Ataraxis, originally with Steven on, the drums, Chris on bass guitar and Cody on lead guitar. However Chris had quit the band before practices would start. Ataraxis then had just Steven at drums and a band member named Cody on lead guitar. Then in early May, Devin had joined the band as a touring guitarist. The band released a 3 single trilogy throughout June called “Summer Daze”. Then for "Summer Daze III '' with the single "Wow". This was the first song to reach over 10,000 streams on Spotify. This was the first original song of the band released written by Devin on guitar and Steven on the drums and bass. However despite the success, in late June Cody quit the band. The band almost ended due to the resignation. Ataraxis had to cancel the planned tour following the release of the upcoming album “Stargazing” due to the resignation. However Devin had agreed to become lead guitarist. Then the band was able to continue and work on stargazing. On July 19th 2019, the band released its debut album "Stargazing". Then on the same day, The band played it’s first ever gig at a private album release party with less than 100 in attendance. Then Victus Radio, a Chicago based internet radio station with over 10,000 listeners, debuted Stargazing with heavy spins of their songs “Admit it” and “Wow”. After the release of Stargazing, in August 2019, Devin had quit the band. Which left Steven as the sole member. Steven decided to become the main songwriter and lead guitarist for the band. Ataraxis then released some popular singles with its temporary drummer Robert. The band released Bread and Butter Remastered, which currently stands as the band's most popular song on Spotify. The band had greatly increased its fanbase following the release of two articles about Bread and Butter and Stargazing itself by "The Further" and also "Fresh Out of The Booth". Then Ataraxis played several gigs throughout Northeast Ohio which gained the band crucial notoriety. Then in October, Robert officially signed as the lead drummer. A few months later on December 18th 2019, David was signed as the bass guitarist and backing vocalist. After a mutual agreement, Robert parted ways with the band. Then on the same day December 23rd, Juilian was signed as the drummer. A rescheduling of the original tour was made for June 2020 to promote Ataraxis' sophomore album “Reflection" which was released on January 1st, 2020. Then on January 3rd, 2020  Ataraxis performed to a sold out crowd at The West Theater Barberton Ohio. The Founder and CEO of Victus Radio, flown in from Chicago to see the event. Three radio DJs from Victus Radio attended the event as well. A dj flown in from Pittsburgh, PA, A dj flown from Louisville, KY, and finally a dj flown in from North Carolina. Victus Radio and several other companies had sponsored that event. After a 2 month hiatus, the band reunited to write it’s junior album “Introspection”. Then on March 6th, 7th and 8th, the band recorded the full album in the studio for the first time since it’s inception. A few weeks later Ohio closed all nonessential businesses. A few days later Ataraxis had to cancel it’s 2020 Tour due to the pandemic. Ataraxis released it’s 1st single for introspection which was called “4th Dimension” which immediately got traction and instantly became an Ataraxis classic.  Then it surpassed Wow in total number of streams and is currently only beaten by Bread and Butter Remastered.  The band and fans alike for the full release of Introspection on May 16th because this will be the first release with vocals included. Ataraxis is currently rescheduling dates to play shows in July-August 2020.